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JInSim 0.5rc5 released!

This new release contains two fixes:
* added prefix for the init request
* fixed node lap player number

Posted by Rene Pirringer 2008-04-07

JInSim 0.5rc4 released!

Rene has been hard at work and has released v0.5rc4. He's done a lot of work supporting the changes that came with Patch X and Patch Y of LFS.

Posted by Rob Heiser 2008-03-04

Welcome Rene!

I'd like to welcome a new developer on the project, Rene Pirringer (ReneP). He's provided a few patches in the past, and recently implemented the changes that came with 0.5V5 into JInSim. He also uses JInSim in code he's written to keep stats for his LFS league. Welcome Rene!

Posted by Rob Heiser 2007-03-28

JInsim 0.3 released!

JInSim 0.3 has been released. See the CHANGES documentation to see what has been changed internally. There were some packaging issues with 0.2 that have been fixed also. The speedometer example should find its images now.

Posted by Rob Heiser 2006-08-26

JInSim 0.2 released!

A new version of JInSim has been released! The v0.2 release includes; a new client type to allow your application to easily react to certain race events, a new helper class for common tasks, performance enhancements and a new speedometer example.

Posted by Rob Heiser 2006-08-21

JInSim 0.1 released!

The first pre-alpha version has been released. It contains some rudimentary documentation in the README file, as well as javadoc.

Posted by Rob Heiser 2006-08-17

Project committed to CVS

The JInSim project has now been committed to CVS. Testing continues on the core requests and responses.

Posted by Rob Heiser 2006-08-16