where is the preference file saved?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I use mac os x, and I would like to delete my saved name and password to be able to reinstall the software again from scratch. What files should I delete. It seems that every time I reinstall the software it finds my preferences and my acct information automatically.

    • Alexander Maryanovsky

      They are stored in ~/.jin where ~ specifies your home directory. Unfortunately, I don't know where the home directory is on OS X, but if you somehow get Finder to show a folder which you specify by entering text, typing ~/.jin into it should work. Also, note that ~/.jin is a hidden directory, so it may not be immediately visible from ~

    • BKB

      BKB - 2005-05-17

      The Go to Folder command will work, just enter the following:



      Since it's a hidden folder it won't show up in the Finder but of course, it will do so on the Terminal.  Home directories in OS X are stored in:  /Users/<shortname>

      Easiest way to do this is just to open the Terminal Application - which is in /Applications/Utilities and type:

      rm -r ~/.jin

      Of course: use this command with caution, it's permanent.

  • tobias

    tobias - 2012-03-05

    How do i make my own topic? Well it is similar to this one so i make a post here to start of: I reinstalled jin, also deleleted .jin folder in document and settings. So what happens is my scripts didnt vanish, they still operates, the script box is empty of scripts but they are all running. So where are they saved, in some javascript somewhere?


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