Jin universal binary for OS X?

  • Anonymous - 2006-04-15

    Would it be possible to get a universal binary version of Jin for OS X so it can run on Intel Macs?

    • Alexander Maryanovsky

      Jin is a Java application - it doesn't care whether it's running on an x86 or a PPC processor. As long as you have Java installed, Jin should work as-is.

    • Anonymous - 2006-04-17

      I understand how java works, with apps running in java virtual machines.

      The reason I asked is because when I do "Get Info" on the Jin application, it says "Application (PowerPC)" instead of "Application (Universal)". I do have some OS X apps which are written in java which do say "Application (Universal)" in the "Get Info" window.

      I've heard some issues about some OS X java apps not running correctly on Intel machines. Here's an Apple Q&A regarding that: http://developer.apple.com/qa/qa2005/qa1295.html

      • Alexander Maryanovsky

        Have you tried running Jin on an Intel Mac? Have you had problems with it?

        I think that unless and until people report problems, I'm going to ignore this for now. I don't currently own a Mac myself, but I hope to buy one soon, at which point it will be much easier for me to debug Mac related issues.

    • Anonymous - 2006-04-18

      I haven't, no. I'm just trying to make sure that when I do later this year, all of the apps I use will work.

      Thanks for your quick response.


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