calmar - 2007-08-23


I have to say, it's really a very good programm, better then everything else, and that even so it's java (what I would use as last normally).


for full mouse handling of the programm, there should be a button or something for offering a 'rematch'. I have always to type that into the console. Either at the  board itself or at the 'Action' window.

the 'find an opponent' at the 'Action' window: for my taste, the advanved options could be open always.
for a mouse-only handling, there could be some up/down arrows for increase/decrease the value in the boxes (minutes/seconds..). (combo-box or however that is called).

the possibility to add custom 'commands' to the action window would be nice too. it would be possible to make there some buttons for thing you often have to type into the console (e.g. different seek's, and others).

thanks again!