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Nice client, thanks

  • Greg

    Greg - 2006-10-02

    I just wanted to drop a quick note saying thanks for the nice FICS/ICS client.  I haven't played with it until recently -- I have become weary of problems and poor design of several other "mainstream" clients out there (e.g., xboard, eboard, knights -- all of which seem to have died off in development, BTW).  This led me to search out a better alternative, particularly something in Java if it existed.  Well, it seems I've found both in one-shot, better AND Java.

    Best wishes on the project and its future.  I hope things are well with you, that development is still enjoyable (as you have the time), etc.  I know how enjoyable these projects can be, but they can also be quite a bit of WORK! :-)


    • Alexander Maryanovsky

      Thanks for the support. I will probably have more free time soon and will release Jin 2.14.

    • taharley

      taharley - 2006-10-29

      I like it (apart from the underlined letters :-)) but have two big problems.

      1. The games don't save to the .pgn file. I have the file set under Game Logger / Log all games, but nothing happens. The file has never been created, and therefore no game has ever saved.

      2. The confirm buttons (e.g. pressing OK to "Are you sure you want to resign?" don't work - hence I can only resign by typing Resign in the Console.

      I'm running OS X 10.4.8 on a dual G5.

      • Alexander Maryanovsky

        Please respond to the bug reports you've opened instead of re-reporting them here.


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