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JILetters-0.06 released

Now ported to python

Posted by Adam Cripps 2004-08-19

JILetters-0.0.4 released

Another release, another feature - this time, you can choose what letters you want displayed allowing children to learn just a few letters at one time.

Posted by Adam Cripps 2003-12-13

JILetters-0.0.2 released

This new release allows users to choose which letters they wish to show in the application - simply run the program from the command line thus:

java -jar JILetters-0.0.2.jar a b c

and you will get a b and c on the screen.

Posted by Adam Cripps 2003-11-21

Version 0.0.1 released

This version works but is a bit clunky - the jar file has all the media in it you need and will work 'out of the box' with the Java Runtime Environment.

Please test this release and submit any bugs.

Posted by Adam Cripps 2003-11-15