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[r16061] by dframpton-oss

Move assertion on heavy lock state to within lock mutex to avoid possible race with inflation code

2011-04-14 07:53:40 Tree
[r16060] by lhellyer

A (mostly) working concurrent on-the-fly implementation of the first
Sapphire phase

Merge up to 7ccc0f5e83f130e2bc668285ee9cc0f570cf3b42

2011-03-25 00:03:45 Tree
[r16059] by dframpton-oss

Late binding of offset and id for referent field when making reference types traced.

2011-03-18 05:41:53 Tree
[r16058] by dframpton-oss

Fix a bug in StickyImmix introduced with accounting changes that caused it to incorrectly assume collections were failing.

2011-03-18 01:02:12 Tree
[r16057] by dframpton-oss

Make barriers operate normally work when reference types are disabled.

2011-03-16 01:46:16 Tree
[r16056] by dframpton-oss

Update URL

2011-03-15 22:24:34 Tree
[r16055] by dframpton-oss

Attempt to exclude always failing test that was added when the jsr166 tck was updated

2011-03-08 18:57:33 Tree
[r16054] by dframpton-oss

Fix typo in class name

2011-03-08 00:33:02 Tree
[r16053] by dframpton-oss

Fix for reference counting with tracing changes worked out with Robin. Hopefully will clear things up.

2011-03-07 15:54:55 Tree
[r16052] by dframpton-oss

Static method should be accessed statically

2011-03-02 02:38:01 Tree
[r16051] by rgarner

Tune GenImmix to take advantage of the hand-inlined scanning code in r16050.
Un-specialize the defrag trace to reduce the boot image code footprint,
taking advantage of the hand-inlining speedup instead.

2011-02-28 05:29:27 Tree
[r16050] by rgarner

Use alignment encoding of frequent object patterns in conjunction with
hand-inlined scanning code. Speeds up specialized scanning by ~3-5%,
and non-specialized scanning by ~20%.

2011-02-28 05:27:18 Tree
[r16049] by rgarner

Use the references-first object layout. Speeds up several GC optimizations,
including specialized scanning and hand inlining (forthcoming).

2011-02-28 05:24:29 Tree
[r16048] by rgarner

Necessary infrastructure for encoding data in the alignment of
TIB pointers. Used in some forthcoming GC optimizations.

2011-02-24 07:05:55 Tree
[r16047] by lhellyer

Snapshot of work for Tomas Kalibera

Merge commits up to 827fe5ec2f6aaaf1044c7d3fdc693eab43b00034
Brings Sapphire up to r16046 (HEAD) of trunk

2011-02-24 01:10:29 Tree
[r16046] by rgarner

Missing @Override annotations

2011-02-23 00:29:57 Tree
[r16045] by rgarner

Speed up fallback (ie non-specialized) GC

2011-02-23 00:17:04 Tree
[r16044] by rgarner

Remove unused constructor

2011-02-22 06:34:20 Tree
[r16043] by dframpton-oss

Minor changes to statistics, only aesthetic changes.

2011-02-22 02:51:00 Tree
[r16042] by dframpton-oss

fix svn properties

2011-02-22 02:10:42 Tree
[r16041] by lhellyer

Add signed Intel Patent Licence

2011-02-11 08:06:35 Tree
[r16040] by lhellyer

Snapshot of Sapphire work whilst working at ANU

Merge commits up to ddf73a9b86fe596bfb0e8a31418c0d5fa1aefe84

2011-02-11 08:06:06 Tree
[r16039] by dframpton-oss

Fix bug in event counter that meant it missed some updates and bring it in line with other counters.

2011-02-07 00:21:13 Tree
[r16038] by dframpton-oss

Fix for RVM_915

2011-01-14 01:44:01 Tree
[r16037] by dframpton-oss

Change to anonymous class query (was giving inverted answers).

2011-01-14 01:22:15 Tree
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