Historic Svn Log

Commit Date  
[r13532] by gnu_andrew

RVM-135: Add support for returning a ThreadInfo bean.

2007-09-09 21:54:32 Tree
[r13531] by dframpton-oss

Add average_middle analysis function

2007-09-09 15:24:42 Tree
[r13530] by dframpton-oss

More minor improvements to layout.

2007-09-09 10:53:43 Tree
[r13529] by dframpton-oss

Stop details lines from wraapping.

2007-09-09 10:47:54 Tree
[r13528] by rgarner

Standardise svn properties

2007-09-09 07:43:09 Tree
[r13527] by rgarner

Enable core regressions on rvmppclnx64

2007-09-09 07:42:28 Tree
[r13526] by dframpton-oss

Associated css changes

2007-09-09 07:01:41 Tree
[r13525] by dframpton-oss

Shade alternate rows to improve readability

2007-09-09 06:59:30 Tree
[r13524] by steveb-oss

Fix two inadverntant changes

2007-09-09 06:45:11 Tree
[r13523] by steveb-oss

Minor cleanups and generalization

2007-09-09 06:43:59 Tree
[r13522] by steveb-oss

Normalize space creation for sanity traces for consistency with others. Helpful for discontig space work.

2007-09-09 06:12:50 Tree
[r13521] by steveb-oss

Add support for barrier-less aastore

2007-09-09 05:58:57 Tree
[r13520] by steveb-oss

More minor refinements to generalize the generic free list

2007-09-09 05:34:47 Tree
[r13519] by dframpton-oss

Make minor improvement to avoid strange gcspy hang during build which killed regressions for a few days...

2007-09-09 03:30:07 Tree
[r13518] by steveb-oss

Clean up and generalize generic free list

2007-09-08 03:29:51 Tree
[r13517] by captain5050

Remove duplicate of r: REGISTER rule

2007-09-07 12:37:17 Tree
[r13516] by rgarner

Add support for rvmppclnx64

2007-09-07 09:59:51 Tree
[r13515] by rgarner

Properties for new PPC regression machine

2007-09-07 08:46:18 Tree
[r13514] by rgarner

Allow config.variant and config.with-profile to play nicely together

2007-09-07 05:10:50 Tree
[r13513] by captain5050

Fix suspected problem in thread resume. We shouldn't resume a thread that never got suspend.

2007-09-06 12:55:51 Tree
[r13512] by captain5050

Fix typo

2007-09-06 12:34:58 Tree
[r13511] by dframpton-oss

Complete removal of inGC started in previous commit.

2007-09-06 06:56:21 Tree
[r13510] by dframpton-oss

Enable specialized scanning, as it appears to be a performance win.

2007-09-06 05:21:01 Tree
[r13509] by dframpton-oss

Make code 16 byte aligned on intel, as this appears to reduce performance variation due to code objects being allocated on different alignment bounds. This is really an interim measure until the problem is solved properly by the introduction of a code space.

2007-09-06 05:10:59 Tree
[r13508] by dframpton-oss

Now that COMPLETE and START closure are the same due to the changes for roots, combine them.

2007-09-06 05:08:56 Tree
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