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[r13060] by peter_donald

Revert r13044 and r13046 as they were causing failures on ppc linux. (Fine on aix and fine on ia32).

2007-07-12 14:33:45 Tree
[r13059] by dframpton-oss

Made queries about what objects can move and when clearer.

2007-07-12 07:58:22 Tree
[r13058] by peter_donald

Add in the start of a suite of micro benchmarks for thread/concurrency performance

2007-07-12 05:08:23 Tree
[r13056] by peter_donald

Do not try to output test-configuration sections if none exist

2007-07-12 01:33:53 Tree
[r13055] by peter_donald

Another build fix

2007-07-12 01:33:05 Tree
[r13054] by peter_donald

Use test-run variant name in archive filename rather than test-run name

2007-07-12 01:09:28 Tree
[r13053] by peter_donald

Fix compile error that broke the build last night.

2007-07-12 01:06:38 Tree
[r13048] by captain5050

Enable final field chasing of floats and doubles (passed commit and pre-commit tests). Also some small tidy ups, make some fields final, add some javadoc, remove a few warnings.

2007-07-11 16:36:04 Tree
[r13047] by peter_donald

Extract out architecture specific entrypoints into separate file

2007-07-11 15:20:57 Tree
[r13046] by peter_donald

Convert class into interface to reduce the number of modifiers that need specifying

2007-07-11 14:38:35 Tree
[r13045] by peter_donald

Extract out entry points relating to opt compiler into a separate file

2007-07-11 14:33:12 Tree
[r13044] by peter_donald

Extract out VM_AosEntrypoints that are all the entrypoints that are required when aos is enabled.

2007-07-11 13:47:18 Tree
[r13041] by peter_donald

GCTrace configuration is dead and has been for a while now. Disable it until someone decides to look into it again.

2007-07-11 09:26:11 Tree
[r13035] by peter_donald

Update documentation

2007-07-11 05:12:07 Tree
[r13034] by peter_donald

Remove uneeded implements

2007-07-11 05:08:30 Tree
[r13033] by peter_donald

Extract out helper class for retrieving entrypoints

2007-07-11 05:06:41 Tree
[r13032] by peter_donald

Remove some unused methods

2007-07-11 04:56:12 Tree
[r13031] by peter_donald

Remove spoon as it is not capable of handling our codebase.

2007-07-11 04:37:56 Tree
[r13030] by peter_donald

Add Entypoint annotations

2007-07-11 04:00:05 Tree
[r13028] by peter_donald

Make the component cache the jar name not dir name

2007-07-11 03:29:11 Tree
[r13027] by peter_donald

Minor refactorings

2007-07-11 03:18:36 Tree
[r13026] by peter_donald

Fix documentation and disallow annotation on types

2007-07-11 03:18:08 Tree
[r13025] by peter_donald

Add in Entrypoint annotation that is used to identify entrypoints (fields and methods) within rvm codebase.

Currently this is purely for documentation purposes but this will change over time.

2007-07-11 02:55:33 Tree
[r13024] by peter_donald

Ensure spoon component is present so we can start using it as part of the build process.

2007-07-11 02:48:03 Tree
[r13020] by captain5050

Only simplify instantiated types TIBs to TIB constants to avoid a problem that causes them to be moved prior to the runtime call that instatiates them. This problem only effects situations when the opt compiler is the IRC and showed up in last nights stress test.

2007-07-10 20:52:38 Tree
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