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[r12847] by peter_donald

Remote whitespace at the end of lines

2007-06-30 02:55:50 Tree
[r12846] by peter_donald

Include sse flags in g++ invocation if it is a sse build

2007-06-30 02:16:02 Tree
[r12845] by dframpton-oss

Major change to how poll and the related OutOfMemoryError is handled by
JikesRVM. This should remove some long standing intermittent failures.

Also introduces stack traces for OOMEs, and allocates OOMEs in the GC
context allowing greater control over emergency allocation.

A little scary close to a release, but I felt we really needed to fix
these issues. I will be watching all the sanity runs to check this isn't
a backwards step.

2007-06-30 01:48:08 Tree
[r12844] by peter_donald

Fix a resolution problem at boot image write time caused by TypeReference.isResolved != Type.isResolved.

Merge r12822 from RVM-91-NewThreadModel

2007-06-30 01:38:48 Tree
[r12843] by peter_donald

Add protection domain to primordial list.

Partial merge of r12814 from RVM-91-NewThreadModel

2007-06-30 01:26:44 Tree
[r12842] by peter_donald

Remove unused primordials list

2007-06-30 01:20:55 Tree
[r12841] by peter_donald

Change warning pattern for UNINTERRUPTIBLE violations so it is picked up by ant build.

Document why we forbid certain bytecodes.

Merge r12813 from RVM-91-NewThreadModel

2007-06-30 01:13:34 Tree
[r12840] by peter_donald

Include linenumber when reporting errors with boot image compiles

Merge r12801 from the RVM-91-NewThreadModel branch.

2007-06-30 01:08:08 Tree
[r12839] by dgrove-oss

Silly micro-optimization of arraycopy to save a little code space in the common case
of inlined arraycopy of primitve arrays.

The way the code was structured before the non-inlined calls to
the exception-raising routines and the cold copy loop would cause us
to retain the catch block that raised the ArrayStoreException even in the
case where we knew at compile time we were dealing with two primitive arrays
(and thus it was completely impossible for an ArrayStoreException to be raised).

2007-06-30 00:51:38 Tree
[r12838] by captain5050

Lots of threading fixes. Now runs all basic tests and pre-commit tests with 4 processors on IA32.

2007-06-29 21:45:47 Tree
[r12837] by captain5050

Try out SSE2 for C/C++ compilation

2007-06-29 21:44:29 Tree
[r12836] by dframpton-oss

Fixed accounting issue with MarkCompact.

2007-06-29 11:10:47 Tree
[r12835] by dframpton-oss

First cut of an eclipse-project target. When you supply this target with a host.name and a config.name it will create an eclipse project in the root dir (.classpath and .project files). It will also take a snapshot of the required generated sources and archive them under eclipse to isolate the editor from future builds (noting of course you need to rerun this target to update those generated files). It is then as simple as opening eclipse -> Import Existing project -> Browse to the rvm root -> Finish :-). This is an intermediate step, but makes editing a much less painful process! Please try this out before the release so we can spread the word :)

2007-06-29 08:38:55 Tree
[r12834] by dframpton-oss

Add -wrap option to rvm script. This makes it easier to use tools such as valgrind. It also has the side effect of being able to run -wrap echo to see the full command line.

2007-06-29 07:18:45 Tree
[r12833] by dframpton-oss

Specify individual heap sizes for dacapo benchmarks. We were failing on GenCopy/SemiSpace on hsqldb as its maxlive was over 100mb.

2007-06-29 06:44:54 Tree
[r12832] by peter_donald

No need to set target.arch.sse2 property to default value

2007-06-29 03:41:21 Tree
[r12831] by peter_donald

Be explicit in the way SSE2 is configured. Make sure it flows through into test reports as well.

2007-06-29 03:40:54 Tree
[r12830] by dframpton-oss

Removed test configuration for test that was removed in revision r12735.

2007-06-28 14:48:40 Tree
[r12829] by dframpton-oss

Include svn revision in version string. Also include commented out property so it can be manually set for releases. In the future we should consider using svnversion as it also shows if the local tree has been modified.

2007-06-28 14:19:32 Tree
[r12828] by dframpton-oss

First cut at dacapo bugfixes as requested by Dave.

2007-06-28 13:54:32 Tree
[r12827] by dgrove-oss

work in progress on a test-run for compiler-DNA. Doesn't work yet, but checking in so Daniel can see if he encounters the same problem I'm seeing with the copying of the jvm98 directories

2007-06-28 11:14:36 Tree
[r12826] by dgrove-oss

Added a couple more items. Daniel, could you please paste in the list
of resolved issues by DaCapo benchmark that you showed me earlier this week?

2007-06-28 10:33:52 Tree
[r12825] by dframpton-oss

Added a dacapo-head test. This test is for helping to ensure JikesRVM is capable
of running future DaCapo releases. This is not intended to be used for any
performance testing, as the benchmarks and/or loads included are not final
and may be substantially different from official DaCapo benchmark releases.

2007-06-28 07:33:47 Tree
[r12824] by dframpton-oss

Add intruction size information for the larger SSE2 instructions. This ensures that the opt compiler correctly determines when it is safe to use a short branch.

2007-06-27 23:55:09 Tree
[r12823] by captain5050

small fixes

2007-06-27 21:49:25 Tree
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