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[r12177] by peter_donald

Use a consistent license header across all the files in the system.

2007-05-17 04:36:19 Tree
[r12176] by peter_donald

Add in header sample so that they can be enforced by checkstyle

2007-05-17 04:21:43 Tree
[r12175] by peter_donald

Add in basic ruby script to fixup license headers in files

2007-05-17 04:05:19 Tree
[r12174] by peter_donald

Use a simpler report format for checkstyle

2007-05-17 00:40:09 Tree
[r12173] by peter_donald

Strip whitespace at the end of lines from all the non-java files.

2007-05-17 00:38:14 Tree
[r12172] by peter_donald

Close html tag

2007-05-17 00:35:47 Tree
[r12171] by peter_donald

Update checkstyle config so that it is restricted to set of rules we mostly pass.

2007-05-17 00:29:55 Tree
[r12170] by peter_donald

Another sweep through the source code to get it closer to our desired format.

2007-05-17 00:22:47 Tree
[r12169] by peter_donald

Remove tab character.

2007-05-16 11:44:39 Tree
[r12168] by peter_donald

Run another source code formatter over codebase. This one joins lines that break rule then re-apply rules.

2007-05-16 11:43:11 Tree
[r12167] by peter_donald

Should use upercase L rather than lowercase l to avoid confusion with 1

2007-05-16 11:14:11 Tree
[r12166] by peter_donald

Classes with private constructors should be declared final

2007-05-16 11:10:41 Tree
[r12165] by peter_donald

Make sure java files end with a new line

2007-05-16 10:53:56 Tree
[r12164] by peter_donald

Order modifiers according to JLS recomendations

2007-05-16 10:52:55 Tree
[r12163] by peter_donald

Simplify a number of boolean comparisons

2007-05-16 10:39:13 Tree
[r12162] by peter_donald

Remove whitespace from the end of lines

2007-05-16 10:10:38 Tree
[r12161] by rgarner

print a message as well as dumping the bad IR :)

2007-05-16 08:35:11 Tree
[r12160] by dgrove-oss

use copy of benchmarks on local drive; the explicit copying from the GSA fileset was taking a very long time and slowing down the regression runs

2007-05-15 21:58:39 Tree
[r12159] by peter_donald

Run a source code formatter across rvm/src. An attempt was made to make the style match the majority of the codebase and where there was a lot of variation, the style that was closest to Suns standard was selected.

2007-05-13 05:38:38 Tree
[r12158] by peter_donald

Fix javadoc error

2007-05-13 05:14:49 Tree
[r12157] by peter_donald

Initial integration of checkstyle. Currently checks too much and produces too many warnings/errors to be useful. We should be able to customize it to suit our needs over time.

2007-05-13 05:02:46 Tree
[r12156] by peter_donald

Remove ancient(!) emacs config and corresponding vim config. Soon the style will be enforced by checkstyle and/or automated by jalopy so it will be less relevant to keep these about.

2007-05-13 04:56:45 Tree
[r12155] by peter_donald

Remove mauve tests that are not run as nighlt and have seemingly suffered bit-rot

2007-05-13 04:26:14 Tree
[r12154] by peter_donald

Append .sh to script name to make it easier for editors to determine type.

2007-05-13 04:19:59 Tree
[r12153] by peter_donald

Absence of comments indicates commenting required not the presence of a comment saying "comment required"

2007-05-13 03:56:54 Tree
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