Soc2011 Log

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[f8b615] by Daniel Frampton

Fix for reference counting with tracing changes worked out with Robin. Hopefully will clear things up.

2011-03-07 15:54:55 Tree
[e84c10] by Daniel Frampton

Static method should be accessed statically

2011-03-02 02:38:01 Tree
[def372] by Robin Garner

Tune GenImmix to take advantage of the hand-inlined scanning code in r16050.
Un-specialize the defrag trace to reduce the boot image code footprint,
taking advantage of the hand-inlining speedup instead.

2011-02-28 05:29:27 Tree
[0fc023] by Robin Garner

Use alignment encoding of frequent object patterns in conjunction with
hand-inlined scanning code. Speeds up specialized scanning by ~3-5%,
and non-specialized scanning by ~20%.

2011-02-28 05:27:18 Tree
[a1c31f] by Robin Garner

Use the references-first object layout. Speeds up several GC optimizations,
including specialized scanning and hand inlining (forthcoming).

2011-02-28 05:24:29 Tree
[2034b9] by Robin Garner

Necessary infrastructure for encoding data in the alignment of
TIB pointers. Used in some forthcoming GC optimizations.

2011-02-24 07:05:55 Tree
[9f2e5e] by Robin Garner

Missing @Override annotations

2011-02-23 00:29:57 Tree
[1a74e0] by Robin Garner

Speed up fallback (ie non-specialized) GC

2011-02-23 00:17:04 Tree
[2aa187] by Robin Garner

Remove unused constructor

2011-02-22 06:34:20 Tree
[8117ed] by Daniel Frampton

Minor changes to statistics, only aesthetic changes.

2011-02-22 02:51:00 Tree
[84fd5c] by Daniel Frampton

Fix bug in event counter that meant it missed some updates and bring it in line with other counters.

2011-02-07 00:21:13 Tree
[df2978] by Daniel Frampton

Fix for RVM_915

2011-01-14 01:44:01 Tree
[a34f6b] by Daniel Frampton

Change to anonymous class query (was giving inverted answers).

2011-01-14 01:22:15 Tree
[1197a6] by Daniel Frampton

Classpath patch and test case for RVM-914

2011-01-13 06:42:28 Tree
[b77f51] by Daniel Frampton

Fix to make prefetch work in the ia32 opt compiler.

2010-12-21 04:30:34 Tree
[0e4b5d] by Dave Grove

RVM-910 : Autoselect mirror for junit download when builing harmony libs

2010-11-24 17:48:25 Tree
[5e0cc9] by Daniel Frampton

Remove no longer used flag

2010-11-18 02:23:26 Tree
[ae1fdc] by Daniel Frampton

Actually handle soft handshake requests on enterNative, instead of just saying we have.

2010-11-15 04:56:11 Tree
[6ab3c5] by Dave Grove

RVM-908 : Update harmony build for URL changes in upstream sources

2010-11-08 19:10:52 Tree
[4d6f49] by Daniel Frampton

Fix for RVM-907.

2010-11-05 01:17:45 Tree
[255268] by Dave Grove

RVM-906: update gcspy.version

2010-11-03 13:50:32 Tree
[da453f] by Daniel Frampton

Fix for RVM-905. Resolves the issues I was observing with sample code and X10, but this fix should probably be reviewed. We also need to make sure that we are doing the right thing for monitorexit.

2010-11-03 04:29:33 Tree
[672811] by Dave Grove

fix ppc build break

2010-10-29 18:47:21 Tree
[9aee9d] by Daniel Frampton

Use read ceiling and write floor for orderd/volatile unsafe operations.

2010-10-29 15:37:27 Tree
[f3fdbf] by Dave Grove

When generating HIR for load/stores from potentially volatile
fields, insert the appropriate READ_CEILING and WRITE_FLOOR operations.

Unconditionally insert the WRITE_FLOOR operation in constructors of
classes that have final fields. Even on non-ppc platforms the floor
is needed to ensure the compiler respects JMM constraints.

2010-10-29 14:52:19 Tree
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