Soc2011 Log

Commit Date  
[be897d] (2.0.2) by Repository Conversion

Release 2.0.2

2002-01-18 16:46:48 Tree
[f82438] by Repository Conversion

Conversion of tag with changes for 2.0.2.

2002-01-18 16:46:47 Tree
[f5e530] by Dave Grove

fix SVP description for IA32

2002-01-18 16:46:47 Tree
[e61ee0] by Dave Grove

fix description of SVP

2002-01-18 02:55:41 Tree
[d96a79] by Arvin Shepherd

delay setting obsolete until after tib update

2002-01-17 22:21:07 Tree
[61d261] by Stephen Fink

delete dead code warnings (bug 2585)

2002-01-17 21:33:46 Tree
[855ef1] by Dave Grove

update version number

2002-01-17 15:21:57 Tree
[cc1c72] by Stephen Fink

bug fix in killing physical registers

2002-01-17 15:11:26 Tree
[2a5d63] by Dave Grove

kill dead code

2002-01-16 21:11:28 Tree
[a67a68] by Dave Grove

enable boolean_cmp for REF_IFCMP

2002-01-16 19:02:33 Tree
[ec33ac] by Dave Grove

remove IA32 performance caveat

2002-01-16 14:47:56 Tree
[897817] by Dave Grove

a couple more bugs fixed

2002-01-16 13:42:42 Tree
[4bd9af] by Dave Grove

remove Linux/IA32 performance caveat

2002-01-16 13:33:55 Tree
[afecc7] by Dave Grove

use ints to avoid (very frequent) sign extension

2002-01-16 03:41:05 Tree
[2ffc5e] by Dave Grove

improve compile time performance of getNumberOfOperands

2002-01-16 03:41:02 Tree
[92fa25] by Dave Grove

bug fix in purgeBlockFromPhis

2002-01-15 19:40:30 Tree
[3d9cf4] by Steve Blackburn

add architecture specific offset of status word byte containing barrier bit

2002-01-15 17:19:48 Tree
[d1bb9e] by Dave Grove

outline uncommon cases in getNumberOfOperands

2002-01-15 16:23:17 Tree
[3b2aee] by Dave Grove

remove debug msg checked in by mistake

2002-01-15 14:23:38 Tree
[35b0c5] by Dave Grove

fix bug 2570

2002-01-15 14:22:17 Tree
[98eec4] by Dave Grove

fix bug 2570; remove kludgy fix for bug 2555 (covered by real fix for 2570)

2002-01-15 14:22:16 Tree
[66d4ad] by Steve Blackburn

added newObjectHashCode method

2002-01-14 22:41:38 Tree
[7d79fc] by Steve Blackburn

move alloc of largespace arrays

2002-01-14 22:41:36 Tree
[e2db07] by Steve Blackburn

set hashcode when object becomes old, move alloc of largespace arrays

2002-01-14 22:41:34 Tree
[bbe196] by Steve Blackburn

use store byte instead of store word for barrier

2002-01-14 22:41:26 Tree
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