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[a79fd6] (3.1.0) by Repository Conversion

Release 3.1.0

2009-06-10 14:20:24 Tree
[a675bd] by Repository Conversion

update userguide for 3.1.0

2009-06-10 14:20:23 Tree
[04d850] by Dave Grove

3.1.0 release notes

2009-06-10 13:54:55 Tree
[3330fb] by Dave Grove

version number & svn revsion

2009-06-10 12:42:04 Tree
[083755] by Dave Grove

bump version number to 3.1.0+svn

2009-06-10 12:31:20 Tree
[f44a44] by Dave Grove

RVM-814 : Inconsistent wrapping of Exceptions in InvocationTargetException

Fix underlying bug instead of compensating for symptoms. I believe the root cause of the problem is that the bytecode-generating reflection implementation did not match the exception handling behavior of the original out-of-line invoke implementation. These two implementations have to have the same exception behavior, or there is no way for Reflection.invoke to be correct as it conditionally calls one or the other depending on various configuration parameters.

2009-06-08 14:34:10 Tree
[cc2b80] by Filip Pizlo

fix for RVM-814, courtesy of Byeong Lee

2009-06-01 00:19:26 Tree
[3fdd02] by Daniel Frampton

See RVM-700. We do not need to eagerly initialize InetAddress, this should avoid the long startup delay on ubuntu. Server sockets tested.

2009-05-31 23:57:04 Tree
[9d4baf] by Daniel Frampton

Improve the name of the constant added in the last commit.

2009-05-27 02:27:06 Tree
[500dd3] by Daniel Frampton

Change to only allow biased locking only to write half of the status word without CAS. Will watch to see if the extra shift has any performance effect. Tested on ia32 ppc32 and ppc64.

2009-05-27 00:07:59 Tree
[be7564] by Filip Pizlo

Fix threading logic on Mac OS X. The problem was that our sysNanoTime() implementation was using a different notion of time than pthread_cond_timedwait. This is now fixed.

2009-05-25 22:26:02 Tree
[2e2d17] by Filip Pizlo

Fix hardHandshakeSuspend/Resume so that you can do STW GC while the world is suspended. Useful for dynamic software updating. NOTE - this is a tricky change; lets watch the regressions for deadlocks\!

2009-05-25 02:37:12 Tree
[cdb1ee] by Daniel Frampton

Fix for 64 bit values on ia32.

2009-05-20 04:31:10 Tree
[d0d41f] by Daniel Frampton

Do not search superclasses for a method unless no method is found.

2009-05-20 04:30:11 Tree
[3624be] by Daniel Frampton

Fix for RVM-826.

2009-05-20 01:46:10 Tree
[078787] by Steve Blackburn

Trim the interrupt quantum to improve the speed at which the AOS converges. I've measured fairly thorougly. Co-incidently this value exactly matches Dave's intuition as recorded in RVM-283 in 2007.

2009-05-13 23:05:16 Tree
[2fbdbd] by Filip Pizlo

Fixed RC collectors by disabling biased locking for those collectors in which the mutator needs to be able to CAS on the status word. This fix has the potential to be extended to add support for disabling biased locking at runtime. According to my tests, this change adds no measurable overhead.

2009-05-09 21:46:05 Tree
[3d566a] by Dave Grove

Misc javadoc fixes.

2009-05-08 22:14:51 Tree
[94be49] by Dave Grove

RVM-712 : Fix missing case in RVMMethod.isUninterruptible that was resulting in incorrect computation of uninterruptibility for methods of Uninterruptible classes that were annotated as UnpreemptibleNoWarn. Also fix half a dozen violations that had been missed because the checking was incomplete.

2009-05-08 12:32:26 Tree
[2e70e9] by Filip Pizlo

Fix Harmony, I think

2009-05-08 06:47:00 Tree
[1f6cf6] by Filip Pizlo

Merging biased locking support. Biased locking is on by default and there is currently no way to disable it (except potentially by some small hacks in the code). On DaCapo, we see no performance degradation on any benchmark; instead we see a 6% performance boost in the geomean.

2009-05-07 22:40:00 Tree
[fa0ab6] by Dave Grove

RVM-709 : Document meaning of constants in BuildReferenceMaps

2009-05-07 20:08:18 Tree
[ca22d7] by Dave Grove

RVM-744 : Terminal not in Grammer READ_CEILING

Fix IA32 BURS rules and Assembler to handle READ_CEILING/WRITE_FLOOR instructions. These instructions can be introduced on IA32 via elimination of monitorenter/exit by escape transformations even though there is no IA32 magic that cases them to be generated.

2009-05-07 17:48:22 Tree
[409753] by Dave Grove

RVM-803 : Contribution from Suryia to use Java-5 style for loops in RVMClass where possible.

2009-05-07 12:54:35 Tree
[c512e3] by Dave Grove

RVM-774 : If an exception is raised by the exception of a <clinit> method, leave the class in a new state, CLASS_INITIALIZER_FAILED, and
on any subsequent attempt to initialize the class raise a NoClassDefFoundError indicating that the class had a failure during initialization.

2009-05-07 01:42:12 Tree
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