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# Run a broad sample of scripts, plans and MMTk harness options, across
# the following dimensions:
#    Scripts
#    plans
#    scheduler (Deterministic or native)
#    collectors: 1, 2, 8 and 32

BIN=$(dirname $0)

ALLPLANS="MS SS MC Immix GenMS GenImmix GenCopy Poisoned StickyImmix StickyMS RC GenRC CopyMS" 

runTests() {
  local results=$1
  local plans="$2"
  local scripts="$3"
  local opts="$4"

  for plan in $plans; do
    if [ ! -z "$scripts" ]; then
      for script in $scripts; do
        $BIN/test-mmtk -noclean -nobuild -nostats -results $results -plan $plan -script $script -opts "$opts"
      $BIN/test-mmtk -noclean -nobuild -nostats -results $results -plan $plan -opts "$opts"

$BIN/test-mmtk -buildonly -clean

# Run every script across the most important collectors
runTests allscripts "$KEYPLANS" ""

# Run some scripts across all the collectors
runTests allplans "$ALLPLANS" "ReferenceTypes Alignment CyclicGarbage FixedLive HashCode"

# Exercise the number of collectors
for c in 2 4 16; do
  runTests c$c "$KEYPLANS" "SpreadAlloc16 Lists FixedLive" "collectors=$c"
  runTests d$c "$KEYPLANS" "SpreadAlloc16 Lists FixedLive" "collectors=$c scheduler=DETERMINISTIC"

$BIN/test-mmtk -noclean -nobuild -stats -plan ""

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