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 Common 2011-03-18 Daniel Frampton Daniel Frampton [a24a22] Late binding of offset and id for referent fiel...
 GNUClasspath 2011-08-02 James Bornholt James Bornholt [9f34f8] *Untested* thread group methods. This one's mor...
 Harmony 2010-10-08 Daniel Frampton Daniel Frampton [8bc5e7] Fix for harmony, missed during previous method ...
 README.txt 2009-04-24 Dave Grove Dave Grove [105703] RVM-817 WIP: Change from CPL to EPL in individu...

Read Me

This directory tree contains VM/class library interface
implementations for Jikes RVM.  Because each Java class library is
available under it's own license and some code in this portion of the
tree is by necessity directly derived from the subject class library
we must make those modifications available under their original license.

There is also code under this tree that is licensed by the EPL because
it has been written from scratch for Jikes RVM.

By convention, each sub-tree with source contains a copy of the
license under which code in that tree is distributed. Care must be
taken when adding/editing code in this portion of the Jikes RVM tree
to be aware of the license(s) under which the code is provided.  Any
contributions from non-core team members to this portion of the tree
must have appropriate license statements in the patch tracker before
the change may be committed.