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[44b055] (2.2.2) by Repository Conversion

Release 2.2.2

2003-06-05 21:10:31 Tree
[0cad60] by Dave Grove

Minor improvement to printing of stackframes for exceptions that originate in hardware traps. Also changed to only drop one frame off the top instead of two because for threads other than MainThread there is only one uninteresting frame instead of two

2003-06-05 21:10:30 Tree
[337bfd] by Stephen Fink

fix long-standing OPT GC map bug induced by clever stack map management

2003-06-05 20:32:33 Tree
[a5cb41] by Stephen Fink

bug fix in command-line parsing of String arguments

2003-06-05 18:08:22 Tree
[a33612] by Dave Grove

cleanup planning text prior to release

2003-06-04 21:31:01 Tree
[53cddf] by Dave Grove

*** empty log message ***

2003-06-04 21:26:53 Tree
[d3fac3] by Dave Grove

advance verison number to 2.2.2

2003-06-04 21:07:06 Tree
[f2d3d7] by Peter Sweeney

Initial Revision

2003-06-04 20:52:41 Tree
[d5fd84] by Peter Sweeney

cleaned up for release 2.2.2: added Exit and Padding record types; fixed hand shake for notifyExit callback;

2003-06-04 20:52:38 Tree
[7966af] by Peter Sweeney

added pointer to the trace file reader

2003-06-04 20:50:14 Tree
[c33e3b] by Steve Augart

Entered patch ( should be submitted by Chris Hoffman

2003-06-04 20:29:17 Tree
[f0487e] by Steve Blackburn

Improved trial deletion:
. made purple buffer fifo, so timeouts behave appropriately
(previously lifo, and therefore capable of leaving some objects
never processed)
. added "generational" treatment of purple objects

2003-06-04 07:50:12 Tree
[4990d7] by Dave Grove


2003-06-03 22:32:30 Tree
[1671d3] by Dave Grove

recommend SemiSpace for now

2003-06-03 22:32:00 Tree
[485401] by Michael Hind

removed debugging echo stmt

2003-06-03 21:59:18 Tree
[b77f46] by Feng Qian

fix the bug in f2i, similar to i2f

2003-06-03 21:57:10 Tree
[b2dce0] by Michael Hind

added back in ipsixql

2003-06-03 21:55:51 Tree
[279b27] by Michael Hind

added ipsixql rule

2003-06-03 21:55:14 Tree
[844fe6] by Michael Hind

now using BENCH_HOME correctly

2003-06-03 21:54:53 Tree
[c7d2df] by Dave Grove

fix defect 3654: i2f conversion in PPC baseline compiler can overflow expression stack and overwrite compiled method id

2003-06-03 15:07:06 Tree
[e84837] by Dave Grove

don't inline large object space allocation sequence; it's too big and the performance to be gained by inlining it isn't worth the code space code

2003-06-03 12:15:43 Tree
[7ef915] by Michael Hind

removed ipsixql temporarily

2003-06-02 21:05:52 Tree
[282154] by Dave Grove

preparing for 2.2.2 release

2003-06-02 19:47:56 Tree
[9ae548] by Dave Grove

add standard 'we fixed bugs' message to release notes

2003-06-02 19:47:32 Tree
[083807] by Dave Grove

command line args note

2003-06-02 19:46:14 Tree
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