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[f8b615] by Daniel Frampton

Fix for reference counting with tracing changes worked out with Robin. Hopefully will clear things up.

2011-03-07 15:54:55 Tree
[e13cae] by Daniel Frampton

Significant refactoring of MMTk-VM interface (merged from RVM-777 branch), primarily to give MMTk greater control over concurrency issues.

I will be watching for regressions over the next few days and am ready to back out if anything significant arises.

Remove precopy
Build-time logging for MMTk.
Move logic for coordinating GC into MMTk
Move concept of threads (contexts) into MMTk.
Change OutOfMemory logic.
Reintroduce basic concurrent mark sweep collector.
Make system threads more explicit.
Make JNI refs growth safer.

2010-09-08 05:08:52 Tree
[a0f738] by Steve Blackburn

RVM-845 Laurence Hellyer. Add support for primitive read and write barriers. Performance neutral: thorough performance testing on production collector showed 1.000 across dacapo and spec (ie no change to 3 decimal places).

2009-12-23 01:19:47 Tree
[b973e7] by Robin Garner

Javadoc improvement

2009-07-13 05:54:59 Tree
[a79fd6] (3.1.0) by Repository Conversion

Release 3.1.0

2009-06-10 14:20:24 Tree
[94c97a] by Dave Grove

RVM-817 WIP: Change from CPL to EPL in individual file license information.

2009-04-24 15:17:46 Tree
[3d066e] by Dave Grove

RVM-817 WIP: Change various LICENSE files from CPL to EPL.

2009-04-24 14:02:49 Tree
[ffbaf8] by Filip Pizlo

Commit of Pure Native Threads.

This change removes green threads entirely, and unifies the threading/locking
model to just use native thread facilities. This change has been heavily
tested and has shown stability on par with what was previously in the trunk.

Performance on some benchmarks has regressed. On average the regression is
around 5%. This will be looked at.

Other issues remain. See sub-tasks of RVM-91.

Watch regressions carefully. This should Just Work, based on extensive
testing over the past several days.

2009-02-07 04:25:18 Tree
[30fa78] by Daniel Frampton

Push across comments added in native threads branch

2009-02-04 05:35:37 Tree
[4eacf4] by Dave Grove

Delete obsolete SynchronizedObject annotation.

This was a leftover from the ECOOP'02 one word object model. Explicit annotations like this actually aren't that useful since it turns out that in the Java 5 libraries there are a number of common coding patterns (eg Synchronized Collections) that violate the assumptions in the simple heuristics we had implemented. If we ever re-visit this, we'll need to implement a better way to figure out which classes without synchronized virtual methods should be given inline thinLocks.

2009-01-13 21:46:09 Tree
[3d6090] by Dave Grove

RVM-673: Implement a variant of the @Inline pragma that only forced inlining when !VM.VerifyAssertions

2008-10-01 17:33:52 Tree
[211187] by Steve Blackburn

Add annotation to allow methods to be declared as having (only) non-moving allocations. This allows us to get rid of crufty dependencies on LOS thresholds.

2008-09-09 05:23:27 Tree
[38cbaa] by Ian Rogers

RVM-634: RuntimePure annotation

2008-08-15 18:22:22 Tree
[9440ea] by Ian Rogers

Refine the definition of interruptible, unpreemptible and uninterruptible.

2008-07-25 22:29:14 Tree
[4204c1] by Ian Rogers

RVM-598 wip, add UnpreemptibleNoWarn annotation for unpreemptible code that calls interruptible code.

2008-07-24 20:18:43 Tree
[1ca66d] by Ian Rogers

Add value to interruptible pragmas to allow them to carry documentation. Improve javadoc.

2008-07-23 20:24:30 Tree
[63bc26] by Dave Grove

more javadoc fixes.

2008-07-11 14:56:59 Tree
[727d34] by Dave Grove

some javadoc fixes.

2008-07-10 21:13:52 Tree
[80666f] by Daniel Frampton

Allow redefining of defaults for option values.

2008-07-10 03:22:06 Tree
[38cc93] by Dave Grove

bulk commit for RVM-273: Remove VM_ prefix from all VM classes. There will be a few cleanup commits coming soon to undo a few places where RVM_FOO was inadventantly renamed to RFOO

2008-06-17 19:47:12 Tree
[bcb69d] by Dave Grove

rename org.jikesrvm.runtime.VM_Runtime to RuntimeEntrypoints.
rename org.jikesrvm.runtime.VM_Math to MathSupport.

Changes done to avoid clashes with java.lang.Runtime/Math when we drop the VM_ prefix.

2008-06-11 06:11:46 Tree
[5d7901] by Ian Rogers

Merge with branch RVM-358-Harmony at r14454. This merge brings in
initial support for Apache Harmony as a class library. To enable this
support you need to perform a clean build:

ant real-clean

then build a prototype (other configurations untested) image with the extra
option of -Dclasslib.provider=Harmony. E.g.

ant -Dclasslib.provider=Harmony

This initial support will only allow you to run helloworld! This is
because the command line processing of Jikes RVM and Harmony requires
integrating better. Help fixing these issues is of course appreciated.

2008-06-09 13:17:47 Tree
[e7a736] by Daniel Frampton

Allow subclasses to access raw value

2008-06-04 04:31:22 Tree
[de9667] by Dave Grove

WIP on RVM-519. Remove VM_ prefix on VM_CodeArray and VM_Code.

2008-06-03 20:45:44 Tree
[1d19dc] by Daniel Frampton

Introduce common options code and refactor MMTk to use it

2008-05-22 07:24:12 Tree
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