#36 enable replay compilation for Dacapo 9.12 bach


This patch is a quick and dirty hack to Jikes RVM 3.1.1, to enable it to handle the custom classloader used to run benchmarks in Dacapo bach. The hack simply introduces a special case to the MemberReference parsing code that recognises the DacapoClassLoader and uses reflection to instantiate it with the appropriate arguments.

Note that the DacapoClassLoader class in the benchmark code must also be hacked, to override the equals and hashcode methods (so the instantiation by Jikes RVM replay compilation code and the instantiation by the Dacapo harness are equivalent).

Full details in the README file in the attached tarball.
I only got this to work for the handful of Dacapo bach benchmarks that run already (without replay compilation) on Jikes RVM v3.1.1.


  • jeremy singer

    jeremy singer - 2010-12-07

    patches for replay compilation with Dacapo bach

  • Daniele Cono D'Elia

    MemberReference.java.patch in the archive is not compatible with Jikes 3.1.2, so I realized a modified version to be used together with DacapoClassLoader.java.patch from the archive.

  • Daniele Cono D'Elia

    It seems that this patch is not needed anymore on Jikes 3.1.3, since replay compilation works out-of-the-box.


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