Jikes RVM 2.4.5 available

Jikes RVM version 2.4.5 is now available for download from sourceforge.net at

Jikes RVM 2.4.5 Release Notes (released August 14, 2006)
The recommended version of GNU classpath for Jikes RVM 2.4.5 is 0.92.
GNU classpath version 0.91 will work, but Jikes RVM 2.4.5 will not
compile against versions of GNU classpath before 0.91.

*** Classpath AWT and Swing tests now run with the Jikes RVM. We have changed
from using the portable native sync code, and addressed issues with M-to-N

*** We can now load and run Java 1.5.0 Java class files. Support includes
building the Jikes RVM using a 1.5.0 javac compiler and running the
SPEC JBB 2005 benchmark. Includes reflection support for generic types.

*** MMTk changes & refactors. A mark-compact collector has been added. A
number of key bugs have been fixed, both in the vm (eg baseline GC
maps), and in MMTk proper. Completed a major refactoring of
"locals" to explicitly separate per-mutator and per-collector
contexts. This generalizes away from assumptions of the current
Jikes RVM threading model.

*** We can now load runtime and non-runtime annotations. Runtime support
is limited as Classpath is missing the base annotation definitions.
A work around is to switch on non-runtime annotation loading in the RVM.
NOTE: This requires classpath 0.91 or better.

*** Added ability to perform boot image root scanning, and thus avoid
tracing through the boot image at each full heap GC. As a result,
we've added a third region to the bootimage; all config files must

** Bug fixes
1442437: to match Sun behavior, java.lang.Class.newInstance now passes
through exceptions instead of wrapping in InstantiationExceptions.
NOTE: This requires classpath 0.90 or better.

1505824: Exit cleanly when the jar file given to -jar doesn't contain a valid ma

1494784: Intermittent build failure on IA32 due to imprecise estimation of
instruction size in code used for short forward jump optimization.

1147554: MarkSweep double-mark: corrects performance problem in MMTk MarkSweep
code which was marking both a bit in the object and a side mark map.

** Other Notes
IA32 BURS improvement for special case of COND_MOV contibuted by
Garrett Kolpin
Improvements to OPT_Simplifier to catch a number of additional cases.

Posted by Dave Grove 2006-08-14

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