Hi all,

I added a few classes to the primordial list, after which I have been getting the following error when the bootimage is being built.

     [echo] classpath is /home/inaseer/avm/trunk/ajvm/target/prototype-opt_ia32-linux/jksvm.jar:/home/inaseer/avm/trunk/ajvm/target/prototype-opt_ia32-linux/rvmrt.jar :/home/inaseer/avm/trunk/ajvm/aspectj/commons.jar
     [echo] Building bootimage. Output redirected to : /home/inaseer/avm/trunk/ajvm/target/prototype-opt_ia32-linux/BootImageWriterOutput.txt
     [java] Java Result: 1
     [echo] jdkObject is class java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
     [echo] rvmFieldName is type
     [echo] rvmFieldType is < BootstrapCL, Lorg/jikesrvm/classloader/VM_Type; >
     [echo] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Failed to populate Class.type for class java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
     [echo]     at BootImageWriter.copyKnownClasspathInstanceField (BootImageWriter.java:2153)
     [echo]     at BootImageWriter.copyToBootImage(BootImageWriter.java:1695)
     [echo]     at BootImageWriter.main(BootImageWriter.java:684)

I was building using the prototype-opt configuration of Jikes

The text in green shows a jar file that I added to the classpath. The lines in blue are some debugging statements inserted by me in BootImageWriter.java to show the values of the parameters passed to copyKnownClasspathInstanceField.

Apparently, the code in copyKnownClasspathInstanceField  isn't able to find a VM_Type object for java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap. ConcurrentHashMap.class is present in rvmrt.jar, and rvmrt.jar is included in the classpath when invoking BootImageWriter.

Any guesses as to what the proble might be?