Hi All,

I've been following the Jikes RVM project for a while and think its a pretty exciting project. I've been a C++ coder for years but am a real Java enthusiast, and my interest in helping would be as a hobbyist. It would be very cool to see a JVM consistently outperform the fastest C++ compiler across most benchmarks :)  I have a few ideas and I'd like to contribute, but would like to check that they'd be welcome/accepted before I start.  As far as I can ascertain the Jikes RVM system is currently built using make files.  Would it be beneficial to migrate the build system to Apache/Ant?  The Jikes RVM is a Java project and perhaps Ant would be a better fit.  Also how much effort would be required to add a windows port for Jikes RVM? Having a windows port would greatly increase the potential user-base, I think migrating the build system to ant would be a good place to start thinking about a Windows port and get familiar with the current build system.