Laurence Hellyer <> wrote on 09/03/2009 05:55:32 AM:
> Just an observation but... I wonder if the current restrictions of
> editing the JikesRVM wiki is perhaps too restrictive and
> discouraging possible contributions of useful nuggets of information
> by non core members?  Whilst I understand possible concerns about
> spam and the quality of contributions has any thought been given to
> allowing everyone to edit the wiki by default, perhaps only
> protecting certain key pages such as the front page etc.

> A lot of knowledge is only documented in the mail archives, creating
> a special section on the wiki and encouraging users to contribute
> back knowledge might be a nice way to help build the JikesRVM community.


Sorry for the slow response.  I just realized that although we'd discussed this among the Steering Committee almost two weeks ago and quickly come to a unanimous decision to give any community member who asks the ability to edit the wiki, that none of us had actually remembered to respond to this email chain saying that.