No, cvs head should work with 0.06.  I haven't taken too close of a look yet but I don't think there were any changes in 0.07  to the VM/classpath interface that we are going to change Jikes RVM to exploit.  They did do a split of java.lang.Thread into Thread and VMThread, but we have our own implementation of Thread so we cleanup our own code and try to use the classpath java.lang.Thread this doesn't matter.

My guess is that we will continue to work with both 0.06 and 0.07.  I did switch all the regression testing at watson to 0.07 and plan to change the classpath stamp to download 0.07.  But 0.06 should be ok for 2.3.1.


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12/02/2003 10:54 AM
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David P Grove wrote:
> Kris Venstermans noticed a problem in the definition of register
> constants for PowerPC.  I'm going to check in his fix in a few minutes
> but will forward you his note so you can try it locally.
> --dave

I applied his patch and so far things look good. I'll kick off the full
regression build.

Oh, Does the latest CVS head *require* classpath 0.07?

Chris Hoffmann -- Dept. of Computer Science/UMass at Amherst
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