> Attached are the source file and Makefile of a program to modify
> comments in a
> gif file. Please don't pay attention to the quality of the source
> code. I know
> that:
> - lots of error handling is missing;
> - the main loop is unecessary complicated but I wanted to play with automaton;
> - too much modularity (I wanted to be as close as possible to the grammar) in
> some places and lack of modularity in some other (there is a few assumptions
> about the gif file and a more general case could be supported);
> - it lacks of comments;
> - Except luck, when a file is modified, its rights will be changed.
> Anyway, just compile it and then ./gifcomment $file to see the
> comment of a gif
> file and ./gifcomment $file "newcomment" for changing the comment (it changes
> the first comment, it's part of the assumptions). What you probably
> want to do
> is:
> for gif in fat-jalapeno-pepper-cropped-*.gif ; do ./gifcomment $gif "$(printf
> "Created for the Jikes RVM project by Tom Ngo.\nImage copyright IBM;
> distributed under the Eclipse Public License.")"
> You should do it on a copy of the files so that you can correct the rights
> after.
> Not that it will work for the gif in Jikes but will definitely not work with
> all gif files as only comments extension is handled so far.

Done.  http://jikesrvm.hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/jikesrvm/jikesrvm/rev/aec88f470b74