I know that the Blackdown organization focuses on the Linux platform and that they base their distro. on Sun code.  I don't know much more than that.  

As Dave Grove wrote, without reason, there's no point in breaking compatibility with 1.3.x JDKs, so that should be fixed before the next release.

I personally put Blackdown in /usr/local/j2sdk1.4.1, which I have symlinked to /usr/local/Blackdown-j2sdk1.4.1/j2sdk1.4.1.  .  Our servers have it in ~jalapeno/contrib/j2sdk1.4.1.  With competition like that, I doubt anyone will be too picky about whatever name you use.  

--Steve Augart

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06/28/2003 09:04 PM
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> At a bare minimum, the config file should certainly point one to the
> blackdown jdk, version 1.4.x.  Unless someone has a good reason not to
> do it, I'd encourage you to make the change.

This sounds fine.  I recently shifted to the Sun VM (not entirely sure
where the difference is...), because they ship an RPM.  However, I'm
very happy to use the Blackdown VM, moreover I think it is important
that users use the same one that is used in all of our testing, so I'll
move over.  One issue that this raises is what directory to place the
VM in---the Blackdown VM asks the user to simply unpack it in the
appropriate directory.  I understood that /opt was appropriate.  Any
thoughts, preferences, objections?

> Also (as I learned this weekend), the comments in the config file for
> the watson dist. have diverged from the ones for the generic i686
> config.  The useful info in the Watson one should certainly be available
> in the generic x86 one.

When I do it I'll try to bring this up to date.  I'll wait till I get
some feedback on the above before I go and make the change.



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