(1) liveCVS has been broken for a month; I'm disabling the link to it from the main pages until it works again.

(2) auto build/publish of javadoc and userguide hasn't worked since we moved to sourceforge

(3) night sanity tar balls haven't been pushed to where anyone can see them since we moved to sourceforge

(4) OSX and Linux PPC64 regression tests haven't run in a while.

(5) There's an increasing pile of open defects.  We should at least try to triage user-open defects on a timely basis (initial comment, and have someone take a quick look to see if they can reproduce) even if we can't fix them immediately.

(6) Some failures in the overnight runs have been there for quite a while without being addressed.

(7) We need to fix nightly regression to use the "robot" id and do an authenticated checkout so that we get the system we are expecting, not the time-lagged pserver view of the world.

We're now an all volunteer effort on the core team, and I know everyone is busy.  But some of these mundane things really need to be dealt with.  I'm willing to sign up for (2) when I return from vacation (gone all next week).