Erik Brangs <> wrote on 02/07/2013 05:44:51 AM:
> On 17.01.2013 15:31, David P Grove wrote:
> > The recent email chain [...] reminded me that I've been meaning to
> suggest pushing out a 3.1.3 for
> > several months now...
> >
> > My suggestion is that we perhaps give ourselves a week or two to try to
> > finalize anything that is almost ready to go [...]
> I haven't seen any other replies to this mail on the mailing list
> besides mine. Therefore, I'll assume that we won't release in the near
> future and resume committing changes soonish.


I had a fantasy of doing this before going to visit Steve in Australia.  Didn't happen.  I have merged in the patch for RVM-1012 and will test it tomorrow (in transit back to New York today...).

Go ahead and resume committing, but I am still hoping to do a release within the next few days.  RVM-1012 was the only thing on my list I was trying to sneak into the release.