Since Dave's note below, we have learned that the developerWorks site will remain up during the migration.   However, any data that goes to it during the migration (i.e., starting Mon, Feb 7) will not be automatically migrated to sourceforge.

Thus, you can still access the CVS repository, but any check-ins by the core team will need to be redone when the migration is complete.  Likewise, the mailing lists will continue to work, but the archived version on sourceforge will not contain the new messages.  (We'll take care of this problem.)

So in summary, you can continue to use the mailing lists during the migration period, as well as check out versions of the system.   However, it is probably best if core team members hold off on commits until the migration is complete.

When the migration is complete, we'll send information with the new URLs, CVS repository, and mailing lists.

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[Jikesrvm-researchers] Jikes RVM moving to

The Jikes RVM project (and a number of other open source projects hosted on developerworks) will be moving to a new home on this month.  The move should increase the visibility of the project and greatly improve some aspects of the development tooling (developerworks currently uses a fairly old version of the sourceforge software).

However, during the move the project (including mailing lists, cvs, bug tracking, etc) will be down.  The current schedule has the move starting on Feb 7th and completing on Feb 21st.  The schedule is fairly conservative, so the project could be back up on sourceforge long before the 21st.  However, it would be wise to plan on the full two week outage. So, ask those questions, etc.  soon or be prepared to wait for a couple of weeks.