Steve Blackburn <> wrote on 11/03/2013 06:35:47 PM:
> o  I am happy to provide a dedicated x64 testing machine if we think
> that would be useful (which I suspect is true).   At the same time
> I'd like to shake the cobwebs off some of the other testing machines
> here at ANU.

I'd mentioned to Steve off-list that on the X10 project we were in the process of migrating from cattrack to Jenkins to drive our automated build/test infrastructure.  I've been working on this for X10 off-and-on for the last couple weeks and although things aren't 100% done yet, from everything I've seen so far we should seriously consider doing the same for Jikes RVM.  

Cattrack has served us well, but it needs significant maintenance work to get it back online as a web-accessible interface to the test results. I think with less effort we'd be able to get Jenkins up and running and customized to support Jikes RVM.