A fair amount of project functionality has been successfully migrated to sourceforge.  (For example, this mail message was sent to the sourceforge mailing list).

Steve Augart has been working on ironing out problems and has gotten most of our basic functionality working again.  Some of the nice, but non-standard features (eg live cvs, active cvs areas) aren't up yet and we may have to do them differently since the sourceforge server side environment is different than developerworks.

At this point, cvs is fully operational.  Developer access (ie read/write) is via ssh and should be working for all core team members.  If for some reason it isn't working for you, let myself and/or Steve A know.  The repository is now "open" for commits again, so fire away.

To get yourself up and running, something like cvs -d :ext:<id>@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jikesrvm co jikesrvm should do the trick.   There are directions on sourceforge about how to upload your ssh public key; I found that it took more than the claimed 30 minutes to propagate, but that it did go through after a few hours.

Anonymous cvs (read-only) access is available via pserver cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jikesrvm co jikesrvm.

I've switched the watson night sanity runs over to pulling from the sourceforge cvs and posting to the sourceforge mailing lists.  There's a test running now, so we should be getting Liunx/IA32 results in a couple of hours.  Chris and Sergiy, when you get a chance please convert the night-sanity runs at your site.  There were two main changes.
        (1) change cvs checkout commands to use anon pserver at sourceforge
        (2) change mailing list to jikesrvm-regression@lists.sourceforge.net

I also changed the scripts to disable publishing javadoc and posting the archived night sanity results until we figure out exactly how that is going to work in the new environment.  Those changes were to the common night-sanity-run and night-sanity-build scripts, so I don't think you'll have to do anything special for that.