Erik Brangs <> wrote on 03/26/2014 05:06:53 AM:
> On 23.03.2014 03:14, Yufei Jiang wrote:
> > Due to some reasons, I need to use JikesRVM2.4.6 in my research. I
> can build JikesRVM 2.4.6 by following JikesRVM2.4.6 user guide. But
> I cannot run it normally. If I type command like "rvm -help" or "rvm
> -version", it works well and prints out correct information. But If
> I use it to run something (e.g. "rvm -jar DaCapo-9.12-bach.jar
> avrora large") or simply type "rvm". It just exactly prints out
> > "1
> > 2
> > 3"
> > I am not sure what does this mean? Is that error message?

There was a point (much later than 2.4.6) when on the OpenJDK branch Jikes RVM printed out something like "1 2 3" as the VM was booting.

It certainly suggests that something is not right.  2.4.6 was from 2006, so it is entirely possible that changes in the underlying Linux OS, core C/pthread libraries, or gcc toolchain could prevent Jikes RVM 2.4.6 from running on a current system without needing work.

I would seriously consider investing in forward porting whatever dependency you have on JikesRVM 2.4.6 to a more modern version of Jikes RVM.