Jikes RVM 2.1.1 is now available from the developerworks web site.

The main purpose of this release is bug fixes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are aware of a bug in the IBM DK for
Linux/IA32 v1.3.1 when building Jikes RVM. Stick with
version v1.3.0 until this bug can be resolved.

Highlights of this release include:
- Introduction of a new method-level runtime exception
pragma mechanism, contributed by Chapman Flack. The
system now relies on this mechanism for method-level
pragmas for uninterruptibility and inlining directives.
- Restructuring of baseline compiler to increase the
amount of platform-independent shared code.
- Stricter enforcement of uninterruptibility rules.
- Improvements to SSA optimization package to reduce
register pressure. These changes make O2 profitable
for use by the adaptive system on IA32.
- The VM_CompilerInfo classes were folded into the
VM_CompiledMethod classes.

NOTE: VM_Magic.pragmaInline and VM_Magic.pragmaNoInline
are deprecated, and will not be supported in the 2.1.2
release. Migrate code to use the new runtime exception
pragma mechanism.

To see more details on other miscellaneous bug fixes, see
the developerWorks bug tracking software tool and CVS
history. The following bugs in version 2.1.0 are
fixed in 2.1.1:
2094: PPC: frem and drem incorrect
2104: don't put <clinit> method for bootimage classes
in bootimage
2916: Race condition: installing code and invalidation
of speculative opts
2938: jazzlib documentation in userguide
2949: OptAdaptive hangs on SPECjbb2000
2988: VM_Lock.allocate can result in threadswitch

Stephen Fink
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center