At a bare minimum, the config file should certainly point one to the blackdown jdk, version 1.4.x.  Unless someone has a good reason not to do it, I'd encourage you to make the change.

Also (as I learned this weekend), the comments in the config file for the watson dist. have diverged from the ones for the generic i686 config.  The useful info in the Watson one should certainly be available in the generic x86 one.

--Steve Augart

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06/28/2003 12:44 AM
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        Subject:        Re: [Jikesrvm-core] Problems with latest CVS head

If 1.4 now required (or at least recommended), I think the the config
files should be changed to refect this.  I am happy to do so.

A related point is more generally how to chose the defaults for these

Since I need to use 1.4.1 to use the new linux threads (with RH 9
etc), I use the rpm provided by Sun: j2sdk-1.4.1_03-fcs.  This
installs itself in /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.1_03

Currently the config file has /opt/IBMJava2-13 as the default.  This
is what I used until the shift to 1.4.1.

Any thoughts?


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