On 31/05/2007, at 12:23 AM, David P Grove wrote:
       I'm not seeing that.  I think you are perhaps confusing results from x86lnx32 and x86lnx64.   

You're right.  My mistake.

It turns out that that is the first full sanity run from rvmx86lnx32 since it was upgraded.  Two things have changed: a) the OS and libraries have been upgraded to Ubuntu's Feisty Fawn, and b) the hardware has been upgraded to a Core 2 Duo.

Most of the failures are due to problems with the newer version of xvfb (virtual frame buffer), which both chart and jbb's reporters use.  Robin has a good work-around for that which should be in place RSN.

However, Daniel has also noticed a real regression on jbb in that new environment (on a different machine with the same configuration). :-/  It is not clear whether jbb has actually regressed or whether it is just that that new environment exposes a bug we did not see before.  Aside from the possibility of issues with libraries (which is real since the problems appear to relate to xml handling), the other thing is that this new machine is the fastest CMP we've tested Jikes RVM on so far, so perhaps race conditions will be more exposed.