Hmm, what kind of simulator?  I hope it's one that deals with dynamically
generated code since JikesRVM compiles Java to native code *always* (sometimes
with an optimizing compiler but generally first with a non-optimizing one).

> We have a in-house simulator. Currently I am not able to run JikesRVM on it, I guess if I am able to build it statically I can run it successfully.
I tried mentioning the CFlags in classpath.xml, but it didn't compiled statically.

I have successfully run JikesRVM on (some of) the DaCapo benchmarks under
a valgrind tool, so valgrind handles all this right

Valgrind doesn't solves my problem. So is it possible to run JikesRVM on other binary instrumented tools like PIN? I tried running it on PIN, but the execution doesn't terminates and the itrace output seems to be buggy. Do you have any idea how to run JikesRVM on PIN successfully?

"JikesRVM" is normally a script that sets up command
line flags, etc

> What do you mean by this can you please tell this in more detail? As far as I know this is not forking any child process or calling any exec.