On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 8:40 AM, Eliot Moss <moss@cs.umass.edu> wrote:
On 11/14/2012 8:44 PM, Da Feng wrote:
> Hi:
> It's easier to do this with code inside bootImage, since the RVM.map has code locations. First,
> break at sysStartMainThread, then after the image is mapped, break at any method entry address of
> interest.

But that works only for code compiled into the bootimage,
not for random Java code loaded and compiled at run time.

But here is another wondering -- if the original poster
just wants to trace through some ordinary Java code, the
Eclipse debugger is the right tool.

As is often the case, we can frequently help better if
we know more the context of what you are REALLY trying
to accomplish overall and why you think you need to do
this particular thing ....

The main reason I wanted to print each instruction as it was being executed is because I wanted to get complete information of the execution of a java program, i.e., all memory addresses it is accessing and all registers it is accessing.

The reason I want to do this inside JIKES (or any VM for that matter) is because other hardware monitors give such information of both JIKES and java program, while I want that information only for the java program.

Also, another question, does the optimizing compiler have a mechanism to get such usage statistics about the program? If yes then how can I either add a new optimizing compiler or make changes to it ?
Best -- Eliot

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