On 27 Sep 2010, at 23:22, DAVID BAMUTURA wrote:

Hello colleagues,

I am having a number of problems implementing a multi-space young generation within JikesRVM’s MMTk. My implementation  includes two survivor (aging) spaces SS0 and SS1, and an eden space:- all copying spaces in the young generation. The old generation contains only one MarkSweep sapce.
Its operation should be to copy enmasse all live objects from eden to one of the survivor spaces (the toSpace). The survivor spaces operate just like the semispace collector but provide sufficient time for  young objects to die by  only promoting sufficiently old objects (those that have reached a statically defined threshold).

 However, the collector is only making full heap collections.

Could someone familiar with existing generational code in MMTK offer some help?


You have to give us a hand here. Without looking at your code, we cannot say what the cause is. However, it would help if you answered the questions I put to you in my last mail: what are your GC triggers? What your values returned for copy reserves etc.


Thank you!
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