Thanks for your very kind note about Laurence's contribution. At this end, we also appreciate all the efforts that you have put into getting his non trivial changes into JikesRVM. We recognise the time it takes to read, check, test and quality assure contributions.

Best wishes


On 23 Dec 2009, at 02:21, Steve Blackburn wrote:

On 13/12/2009, at 7:01 AM, Kathryn McKinley wrote:
It is in your best interest to contribute all your code to Jikes RVM.

On that note, I want to highlight a very significant contribution from  
Laurence Hellyer of U Kent, which I've just committed to the code base  

Laurence wanted support for barriers on primitive values (currently we  
support read and write barriers on reference types only).   Rather  
than hack up a string and glue solution for his private use, Laurence  
re-worked the underlying infrastructure thoroughly and contributed  
that reworking to the code base.   Now Laurence's framework is rock  
solid (not string and glue), and is tested in our nightly regression  
cycle.   Of course the rest of us benefit too---since we can all now  
leverage his barrier infrastructure.

It wasn't easy to do this.  He had to work with me ;-) and I was not  
always very responsive, and his chance was non-trivial (> 250KB of  
change in his patches).

I think Laurence's effort is a great example to us all.



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