I’m still pretty new to Jikes RVM, and linux for that matter. I know you guys get a lot of messages like this, sorry, but please bear with me.


I’ve followed the user guide so far, and I’ve been able to build jikes successfully using these parameters


avatar@beltonj1-1:~/jikesrvm-3.0.0$ ant -Dhost.name=x86_64-linux -Dconfig.name=prototype -Dcomponents.cache.dir=/home/avatar/jikesrvm-3.0.0/


After running that command, it says BUILD SUCCESSFUL.

Next, in the userguide, it says to compile the java file using javac [javac HelloWorld.java], then run the rvm with the command


rvm HelloWorld


Which is pointing to the .class file in the same directory. However, that command results in “bash: rvm: command not found”


Shouldn’t the program be added to the list of installed programs when the build succeeds? Or, how can I manually add it at this stage?

I’ve got an intel Dual core processor, and ubuntu 64 bit edition os.