I have ran Jikes in x86 Simics. In general, you should use the same version of Linux on your host and in Simics. This allows you to setup your execution environment on the host, then boot Simics and run your simulations. This is particularly important if you are studying multithreaded applications. Simics simulating multiprocessors is really slow and makes application setup very painful.

I recommend getting the latest version of Linux (whatever flavor you like) and install it on your host. Create a Linux boot image for Simics with support to mount your host file system. Look at the Simics documentation. It is a pretty straightforward process. Once you have your applications setup you can create Simics checkpoints and execute them on whatever host you like.


On Mar 15, 2006, at 12:43 PM, Prasad wrote:


I am new to this mailing list and using Jikes.

I was wondering if anybody has successfully used Jikes with Simics (System simulator).(if so what was the environment used).

I was trying to run spec benchmarks using Jikes on Simics (which has Red hat Linux 7.3 booted on top of it).but am running into errors .

The issue:

I have compiled Jikes (rvm) outside the simulator and I use it from within the sim by mounting the host file system.

But it complains about

libc.so.6: version GLIBC_2.3.2 not found apparently my host system which is a later version of linux (than 7.3 on Simics) comes with GLIBC_2.3.2 but the older version has GLIBC_2.1 and hence the error.

One option here is to compile Jikes with older version of Linux which has GLIB_2.1.. I am not sure how to do that .

Has anyone run into this problem before.

Any suggestions would be of great help.


Prasad Wagle