Hi Priyanka,

The baseline compiler already adds instrumentation to count taken vs. not-taken branch frequency. Take a look at the EdgeCounts class for a starting point. The branch frequencies get passed to the opt compiler (I think BranchProfiles is the best place to look?), which also seems to be something you want to do.

I hope that helps as a starting point. For follow-up questions, it would help if you could provide more details about what you've already investigated and what exactly you're trying to do, e.g., should the trace of basic blocks be a whole-program path, or do you want to aggregate profile information bounded-length paths -- and if so, should they be acycle/intraprocedural or something else?


On 03/28/2014 12:48 PM, Priyanka Bhayana wrote:
I am using jikes rvm as research infrastructure. I want to instrumentation so as to get the basic blocks frequency as well as the trace of basic blocks so that the instructions in the block can be rescheduled. I want these trace for baseline compiler.Is there any file in jikes source which can be used for this purpose? Can this thing done with jikesrvm?



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