I had tried the command in my Fedora Core 4,
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jikesrvm co -P jikesrvm

but the following error come out:
bash: cvs: command not found.

Can I know how to solve this?

Kris Venstermans <kris.venstermans@ugent.be> wrote:
Chong Kam Mun wrote:

> I'm still quite new to JikesRVM, do you mind explain to me what is cvs
> head of JikesRVM?

The following is on the web page, download section. The head version is
the latest version, which has changes since the last stable release, but
weren't found major enough yet to push a new release.
But this head version is nigthly tested and it can be downloaded,
described below.


Jikes RVM from CVS

The "CVS Head" is a version of Jikes RVM newer than the latest released
version. It contains the latest features and bug fixes.

To browse the sources, visit our CVS Repository web page

Jikes RVM has two modules that are required to use the VM: *rvm* and
*MMTk*, representing the VM and the memory management toolkit. Checking
out the pseudo-module *jikesrvm* will check out the components needed to
build Jikes RVM. To download these two modules anonymously, create an
empty |$RVM_ROOT| directory and type:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jikesrvm co -P jikesrvm

After this point, in order to update your source tree, you can just run

Other modules, mostly of interest to Jikes RVM maintainers, are *web*
and *admin*. The *PE* module is the Performance Explorer, an unreleased
subproject. The *webPages* module is there for compatibility with old
checkouts, and is just a symbolic link to *web/pages*. The *pushAPI* and
*sanityResults* modules are artifacts of our old hosting site, on
developerWorks, and no longer relevant.

General information for using cvs on SourceForge
is available.

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