On 6/22/07, Matt Horsnell <horsnelm@cs.man.ac.uk> wrote:
I'd like to cross compile jikes to target a powerPC simulator.

I've managed to successfully build jikes from the repository using the notes
at http://docs.codehaus.org/display/RVM/Quick+Start+Guide.

I've got a powerPC crosstool chain compiled and working, and i'd ideally
like to crosscompile on my ia32-linux box to target a ppc32-linux simulator.

a) is this possible?

Not sure. You would need to set the host and target to ppc32-linux and update build/host/ppc32-linux.properties so that it reflects the cross compile tool chain.

b) are there any notes? I've tried to follow the cross-compile page
( http://docs.codehaus.org/display/RVM/Cross-Platform+Building) but get the
error below.

That is an error when we try to auto build classpath. Try cross-compiling class path (if it is possible?) then copying the files

classpath.jar         libjavaio.so              libjavanet.so   src.jar
constants.properties  libjavalang.so            libjavanio.so
libgjsmalsa.so        libjavalangmanagement.so  libjavautil.so
libgtkpeer.so          libjavalangreflect.so     libjawt.so

into a directory

adding property "ppc32-linux.classpath.lib.dir=path/to/components/classpath/95/ppc32-linux/lib " to ${components,dir}/components.properties

and then starting the build.

Wouldn't mind hearing how it turns out ;)


Peter Donald