Cattrack Log

Commit Date  
[ca2115] by Dave Grove

Update cattrack license from CPL to EPL.
Forgot about this portion of the repository when we
did rvmroot/trunk

2009-07-23 14:39:56 Tree
[b2eb04] by Dave Grove

trivial script to be invoked from crontab to drive daily backup of db.

2009-05-04 18:16:41 Tree
[ef7123] by Dave Grove

update sample configuration files to assume application is
deployed in /home/cattrack/cattrack.

2009-03-18 20:58:03 Tree
[9d35f2] by Dave Grove

Merge of the upgrade-to-rails-2.2 branch to the trunk.

The changes don't actually get us to working on rails 2.2,
but do include a number of changes that make it easier to
do forward development of cattrack and deploy it to a mongrel
cluster served by a proxy-balancing httpd via capistrano.

Will re-visit upgrading rails version in the future,
most likely on the trunk now that the machinery is
in place to more easily roll deployed versions

2009-03-16 18:17:32 Tree
[fb2dbc] by Peter Donald

name is an element not an attribute

2007-09-03 11:39:13 Tree
[78b09b] by Daniel Frampton

Minor modifications to schema to simplify generation of report.

2007-09-02 14:50:44 Tree
[c1cd7c] by Peter Donald

Processing instructions must occur on first line

2007-09-02 05:32:47 Tree
[d88dd3] by Peter Donald

Rename xsd to match the dtd name

2007-09-02 05:31:47 Tree
[baa315] by Peter Donald

Remove sample as equivalent sample can be found in test/fixtures/import_data dir

2007-09-02 05:31:22 Tree
[971388] by Daniel Frampton

Copyright notices :-)

2007-09-02 05:13:49 Tree
[607f95] by Daniel Frampton

XML Schema for new report format and a sample file, taken and modified from RVM-8

2007-09-02 05:11:59 Tree
[a9628b] by Peter Donald

Update codebase so that tests can have multiple test executions. At the same time update to a variation of the format specified in RVM-8

2007-09-02 02:58:23 Tree

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