Cattrack Log

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[78aa34] by Dave Grove

update installation instructions to reflect
using Capistrano and that the default configuration is
to host via a mongrel cluster instead of a single mongrel

2009-03-18 21:01:25 Tree
[ef7123] by Dave Grove

update sample configuration files to assume application is
deployed in /home/cattrack/cattrack.

2009-03-18 20:58:03 Tree
[603dc2] by Dave Grove

configure for anu vs. watson deployment

2009-03-18 20:18:40 Tree
[62f6bf] by Dave Grove

channge host name

2009-03-18 02:13:05 Tree
[332541] by Dave Grove

move from Rails 1.2.1 to 1.2.6

2009-03-17 15:49:44 Tree
[70ea93] by Dave Grove

switch defaults to jikesrvm deployment

2009-03-17 15:44:33 Tree
[f80880] by Dave Grove

trivial change

2009-03-16 22:34:36 Tree
[9584e5] by Dave Grove

change repo URL to trunk.

2009-03-16 18:18:56 Tree
[9d35f2] by Dave Grove

Merge of the upgrade-to-rails-2.2 branch to the trunk.

The changes don't actually get us to working on rails 2.2,
but do include a number of changes that make it easier to
do forward development of cattrack and deploy it to a mongrel
cluster served by a proxy-balancing httpd via capistrano.

Will re-visit upgrading rails version in the future,
most likely on the trunk now that the machinery is
in place to more easily roll deployed versions

2009-03-16 18:17:32 Tree
[1ded97] by Daniel Frampton

Fix cycling for report

2007-11-05 23:22:54 Tree
[a5f1e4] by Daniel Frampton

Add another missing file :)

2007-10-22 05:21:02 Tree
[fd3f2c] by Daniel Frampton

Missing file

2007-10-22 05:12:23 Tree
[a65fba] by Daniel Frampton

Attempt to reinstate performance report

2007-10-22 05:09:27 Tree
[c88c6c] by Peter Donald

Remove references to non existent page

2007-10-20 23:49:23 Tree
[4fda90] by Peter Donald

Remove references to ther performance report as it no longer exists

2007-10-20 23:11:54 Tree
[566ef2] by Peter Donald

Insert a separate page to list all the test runs of a particular host/variant combination

2007-10-20 05:11:04 Tree
[bd11fc] by Peter Donald

Add short_name to host so that a shorter name is reported in the from field in mailouts

2007-10-20 04:15:24 Tree
[04b73d] by Peter Donald

Add ability to search test outputs for a specific string

Fix For: RVM-200

2007-10-20 03:29:54 Tree
[17688a] by Peter Donald

Use more portable method of reseting pk sequence

2007-10-08 01:49:32 Tree
[cc717d] by Peter Donald

Disable logging of password

2007-09-22 04:31:20 Tree
[744d88] by Peter Donald

Apparently require 'RMagick' fails on windows unless the .rb suffix is added. This could be due to rubygems not being loaded prior to requir. Attempt workaround

2007-09-19 05:23:36 Tree
[bf854c] by Peter Donald

Remove .rb suffix as it is not needed

2007-09-19 03:45:01 Tree
[482946] by Peter Donald

Remove force from table creation statements

2007-09-16 11:54:17 Tree
[7c331b] by Peter Donald

Have another shot at getting the cycling colors correct in mailouts

2007-09-16 10:23:40 Tree
[c90a9a] by Peter Donald

Make sure that the odd row coloring is reset for each new table

2007-09-16 09:50:35 Tree
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