#466 problems building jikesrvm on linux/powerpc64

build (65)

Submitted at 02/14/05 10:36 by ronmorad@tau.ac.il on
dW as bug # 4167:

Original Submission:


I encountered problems building jikesrvm on powerpc64
with SuSE Linux 9.2. During the jbuild I got the
following messages:
jbuild.interfaceDeclarations: (interface cleaned) 0 s
jbuild.linkImage: (primordials cleaned) (bootimage
cleaned) 0 s
jbuild.linkBooter: (booter cleaned) 0 s
jbuild.expand: (classloader templates expanded) 2 s
jbuild.copy: (set up jbuild.prep.host) 51 s
jbuild.compile: jikes_invocation=/usr/local/bin/jikes
-nowarn -g +U -classpath .:rvmrt.jar Dummy.jav
(compiling classes...
Found 2 semantic errors compiling

  1. VM_RuntimeCompiler.processCommandLineArg("-X:irc:",
    *** Semantic Error: No field named "VM_RuntimeCompiler"
    was found in type "com.ibm.JikesRVM.VM_Comma

  2. VM_RuntimeCompiler.processCommandLineArg("-X:irc:", arg);
    *** Semantic Error: No field named "VM_RuntimeCompiler"
    was found in type "com.ibm.JikesRVM.VM_Comma

Found 2 semantic errors compiling

  1. VM_RuntimeCompiler.boot();
    *** Semantic Error: No field named "VM_RuntimeCompiler"
    was found in type "com.ibm.JikesRVM.VM".

  2. VM_BootImageCompiler.init(bootCompilerArgs);
    *** Semantic Error: No field named
    "VM_BootImageCompiler" was found in type

Found 1 semantic error compiling

74.       VM_CompiledMethod cm =




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Please re-post this bug report at

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You'll get improved features, such as the ability to create
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  • Dave Grove

    Dave Grove - 2005-02-24

    Logged In: YES

    Looks to me like this is likely to be a problem with the
    version of jikes. What version is /usr/local/bin/jikes on
    your machine?

  • Ronny Morad

    Ronny Morad - 2005-02-25

    Logged In: YES

    jikes 1.18

  • Steven Augart

    Steven Augart - 2005-02-25

    Logged In: YES


    Jikes 1.18 is certainly a known good version (at least on
    the platforms we regularly test on). Perhaps there is an
    unknown problem with it on Linux/ppc64?

    It seems that you're running version 2.3.4, given the line

    s in VM.java.

    Here's what I'd like you to do:

    Look at the directory
    $RVM_BUILD/RVM.classes/com/ibm/JikesRVM. Is there a file
    named VM_RuntimeCompiler.java in there?

    If not, then there's some other problem with the build. If
    so, then this is almost certainly a problem with the Jikes

    It may have been fixed in newer releases. If you pull down
    Jikes RVM's CVS head, you can compile it with the latest
    version of the Jikes compiler, jikes 1.22, and see if there
    are still problems. Actually, if you pull down CVS head, I
    would also appreciate it if you would try to compile it with
    Jikes 1.18 and send us the output from ./jbuild -trace.
    That will help me update the user's guide with information
    about this potential pitfall.

    If there still are problems building Jikes RVM CVS Head with
    Jikes 1.22, then please run ./jbuild -trace and we'll
    continue the process of trying to debug this.

  • Dave Grove

    Dave Grove - 2005-05-25

    Logged In: YES

    Nightly builds are working on Linux/PPC32 and PPC64, and no
    comment made of this defect for several months. Assuming
    fixed. If not please reopen and try to get help from Chris
    or Sergiy (Linux/PPC folk).


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