#239 Output dependencies options

Ale Vesely

This patch replaces patch 1149355 that is corrupted

The patch consists of two files:
patch.txt is the patch proper,
wu-minimal-diff.txt is a "readable" version of the
patch (most useful for unindentation in control.cpp)


  • Ale Vesely

    Ale Vesely - 2005-06-27

    uncorrupted zip for patch 1149355

  • Ale Vesely

    Ale Vesely - 2005-06-27

    Logged In: YES

    The diff are against old version 1.22. They include changes
    in the jikes.1 man page mentioning a different syntax for
    output dependencies. They can be given in the form:

    --makefle [dependency-name]
    --Makefile [dependency-name]

    `U' is for generating groups of mutually dependent files.
    `u' is for not generating groups.
    `/' is for using forward slashes in windows.
    `\' is for using native backslashes on windows.
    `$' is for generating `$$' for `$' to ease inclusion in GNU make.
    `^' is for generating single `$'.
    The long options imply all three symbols U/$

    Note that GNU make still does not support multiple targets
    generated by a single build rule (except in the case of
    pattern rules, which suits Yacc -it generates both %.c and %.h-
    but doesn't suit Java at all.) Thus using groups still requires
    tweaking makefiles in an attempt to get reasonable builts
    in most cases.


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