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  • Stuart Guthrie

    Stuart Guthrie - 2003-02-04

    Subject:     JICAL feature suggestion.
    Date:     24 Jan 2003 16:39:32 +0100   
    Hi Stuart.
    We've set up a small groupware-system using your jical and it seem to be working fine. We really appriciate your work - it's great.

    Anyway we have a small feature that we would like: not all of us are using evolution to book meetings (we use various other v/i Calendar compatible programs) and we miss the "group-sceduling view" from Evolution (and similar from Outlook). That is the ability to compare multiple calendars on top of each other, something like this:
             24/2 | 25/2 | 27/2 | ...
    Allan  |******|**    |      | ...
    Martin |      |    **|      | ...

    I tried to figure out if I could come up with a siple way to do this with XSL stylesheets, but I couldn't think of any. Doing a different XML format and redering that would be a better way. Or doing a simple Perl script that does the same thing. Anyay this would be a nice feature.

    Regards Martin Leopold.
    Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

    • Stuart Guthrie

      Stuart Guthrie - 2003-02-07

      This is now accomplished. See the changes in Release 1.2. There are two XSL stylesheets and a new XML output format. Run the examples in scripts-examples to do with gantt for viewing the output.

      If you do improve, please email me or submit your changes to the CVS


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