• Ivan Francolin Martinez

    I have started using jical.
    Very usefull, but I'm finding small bugs and missing things.

    The project does not have one CVS, how I can know if somethings are already fixed or not.

    I don't want to make things that some other have made.

    • Stuart Guthrie

      Stuart Guthrie - 2003-02-04

      You can access the CVS repository now. All contributions are more welcome.

      • Ivan Francolin Martinez

        Little strange, normally in the cvsroot exist a directory for the modules, you put files in cvsroot.

    • Stuart Guthrie

      Stuart Guthrie - 2003-02-07

      Yes, it was my first attempt at a sourceforge CVS. The CVS now locates all source under jical/.

      If you checkout the code, the dud directorys are ignored.

      • Ivan Francolin Martinez

        Its fine now.



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